I think, write, direct, film and edit a documentary every year.

Four aspiring firefighters undergo rigorous training, challenging their physical and mental resilience. Driven by their personal stories, they strive to fulfill their dream, pushing boundaries. Yet, they’ll realize firefighting is more complex than expected.

Freddy has dedicated his entire life to collect all the insects of Sweden, cataloging them. All, but one that is slowly extinguishing. Through the evolution of the 4 seasons, Freddy explores the Swedish landscapes teaching his daughters the importance and the art of entomology. Will he be able to complete his collection before it’s too late?

Il tempo della tartaruga, 54′ – CSC Italy

Best feature documentary in: Oniros Film Awards New York, London Documentary Film Awards, Synsapalum Amsterdam, Kolkata international film festival (India), Sweden Film Awards, Madonie Film Festival (Italy); 

Honorable Mention as a Best Covid film, Best Cinematography, best Original Score in Synsapalum Amsterdam and Fox international film festival (Rome); 

Semi Finalist in Los Angeles film Awards and in Peloponnisos International Film Fest.

Official selection and screening: Your Way International film fest (Paris), RAM film fest (Rovereto, Italy), Stockholm City Film Fest, Sicilia Queer Film fest, Sole Luna Festival (Italy),, Cinema Archeologico Licodia Eubea, Golden Giraffe International Film Festival (Nice, FR), TopShot international Film fest of Poland, Naple’s film awards, Ukrainian dream film festival;

An archaeological excavation on an ancient island and her own bedroom during a pandemic isolation: between dream and reality, Costanza goes in search of the secret of Time.

Through the Lens , 55’ – CNRS France

Best documentary in Mente Locale Film Festival, USA Ceres Film Festival, Andaras Film Festival, Film Food Festival Bergamo, Cibo corto international film fest. 

Special Mention in Mente Locale Film Festival. 

Official selection in RAM Film fest, International Science film festival of India, Avezzano CinemAmbiente, Ortometraggi FilmFest, Fluvione Filmfest, Environment and Wildlife Film Festival New Delhi, Gaia International festival of lands and food.

“Through the Lens” means through the microscope lens and through the videocamera lens, but also through the lentil, Lens culinaris.
Research gravitates around small lentils grown in small volcanic islands around Sicily, conducting an anthropological, historical, ethnographic mosaic of over 70 years old farmer islanders “talking heads”.

In a lost field a permacultor sowed the seed of his purity. Nature is the source of inspiration to discover new worlds. He is a baker but also a pirate: his ship is a vintage van, his weapon is fire.

Lucio wants to discover the meaning of the word “heroin“, instead he becomes its slave. Lucio would like to fly as far away as the tattooed butterfly on his chest, beautiful as the Strelizia (“Bird of paradise”) that meanwhile takes shape on his painting. Will he be able to break free of his addiction?

The most important and historic Dutch orchestra Instant Composers Pool (ICP) performs around the world meeting autochthonous and non-native musicians.This film tells some fundamental aspects related to the longevity of the group and the power of orchestral improvisation as a metaphor for life.

Alan is a promising musician, son of a TV presenter famous for his variety shows. Aura is a talented showgirl, daughter of a popular soubrette from television shows. Alan and Aura dream of fame. Alan and Aura are the same person.

“So your dreams are black?” “They are dark.” Not having sight doesn’t mean not seeing. Giuseppe, Elena and Tiziano lead us in their daily life by showing us their music, writing, love stories.