My name is Costanza and I want to film everything.

My name is Costanza Luna (constant moon): this means that my life is a continuous struggle between periodicity and contradiction.
Since I was a child, my restlessness brought me to learn many practical disciplines: from woodworking to painting…
Over time I have perfected some of these techniques through study. In fact, I attended courses in painting, theater, dubbing track, music, singing, and I did really a lot of sport. Was all of this because I’m very smart? No, just an attention deficit.
At 17 I discovered the “movie maker” software and I realized that I could spend hours, whole days editing sh*t, without ever getting distracted. And so it was.

I attended classical high school where mythology taught me the power to tell a story.
After school graduating, I started the audio, video and multimedia bachelor at the Academy of Fine Arts and I learned how to use a video camera, a microphone and a computer.
Then I attended three years at the CSC (Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia), the most prestigious Documentary school in Italy, which taught me to identify my gaze on the world.

During the years of study, I did a lot of apprenticeship, practicing the profession of videomaker in many different situations; this taught me the most precious thing I learned: understand the obstacles and take advantage of them to achieve the best results.

When I used my first video camera, I felt unbeatable. There was nothing stronger than the concept of transferring emotions by pressing a button.
Stopping time and returning it full of colors and details, illuminating a memory or even better, transporting people to distant and unimaginable places.

If there is a God, he/she definitely is a camera operator!
However, for me it was like acquiring super powers. When I have a video camera in my hands, I can face all my fears.

My skills